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Three years full of surreal adventures, successfully at a frenetic rhythm in Los Angeles, California 

Postcard with mansion's picture

Chapter 3. The 9/11 Terrorist Attack wakes us all Up!

It was not even 6 in the morning since in NY they are 3 hours ahead, when we heard incessant hysterical screams coming from the room next door and of great pain, while our room was filled with all the inhabitants of the mansion that they screamed; Turn on the tv !!!, Call momm !!! she supposed to be traveling from NY an hour ago !!! It is assumed that the mother of the toy boy with whom I stayed after the party eating donuts until a couple of hours ago we went to sleep, worked in the Twin Towers and had to travel that day from NY to LA. 

At that time I only thought that what was happening was a dream under the influence of the weed that made it super realistic, a full-blown American movie and I just wanted to focus on what outfit I would wear for the Grammy celebration of that same night since it was the main theme in the Jacuzzi and of course it was not held. 

They turned on the TV to hear the worst news in the world: Two American Airlines planes have been hijacked and one of them has crashed at the World Trade Center in NY!

The screams of pain in the room continued when we heard the announcer say FUCK !!! we are in rigorous direct witnessing how a second plane crashes in the South Tower! People jump out of the building's windows! What a horror! ... Alex was sitting on his side of the bed nervous with his cell phone trying to contact his mother who lived in NY. 

For a moment the wailing stopped, while everyone focused on calling out to the pool where the Hollywood letters were also sad since they all had family or friends in NY, New Jersey, Washington, Boston, and S. Francisco, Right from where the hijacked flights were coming. 

I started rubbing my hands and legs because I saw that they were shaking and that's when I realized it wasn't a dream. I would not have paper to write down all the sensations and everything that crossed my mind just arrived from Spain looking for a change of life. I quickly saw the bed surrounded by bags, my briefcases full of clothes and even a mirror that I brought from Spain carved in silver and gold with turquoise stones and that of course I was afraid to even look in it. 

As I could, I connected my mobile and called the airport, ignorant of me, to change my ticket and return to Spain. When they told me; ma'am, are you watching the news? The airports of the world have been closed for an hour to the USA and it will surely continue this way for a long time. 

If or if fate wanted me to stay and live in the new LA, in a country that would never be the same again and in a mansion where the adventures had started out strong and that, thank God, the boy toy’s mother had become on the road Just half an hour before the terrorist attack, as well as the rest of the colleagues who found their families safe.


My first earthquake, about to fall down the ravine !.

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New York, New York

Esther Ponce's experimental Flamenco is ready for the Valencian Director of Tourism to meet

It is very gratifying to have an idea like the experimental Flamenco in Valencia, carry it out and have managed to attract more than 20 foreign clients to Valencia in a short time and without marketing, who have passed through the Flamenco Art Center, and who have not only They learned a lot if not they have returned to their country with a better concept of Valencia.

His experience and approach to flamenco led by Esther Ponce will make you return without hesitation to the city of Turia.

Esther Ponce not only surrounds them with her passion and charisma from the first moment, her professionalism and a very long journey through different countries of the world where she has lived for long periods, she makes them fall in love.

You just have to read the dedications of all the foreigners who write in their precious notebook created for them and that are already adding more and more.

«They also buy semi-professional shoes and a skirt to study with me.» That’s already the best! –
~ Esther Ponce

 The foreigner is used to teaching flamenco very quickly and without discipline, anything goes, any shoe, any skirt, hanging out even parodying and even ridiculing flamenco.

With me if they want to study two private hours which is the minimum, they are given the option of buying or renting the shoes and none of them have thought twice about it to this day.
«Being a polyglot, doors just open up to me» –
~ Esther Ponce
Definitely the Experimental Flamenco of Esther Ponce has an Angel!

From England, without a doubt the most special Experimental Flamenco we have had at the Flamenco Art Center in these two and a half years.

The Esther Ponce Stylized Flamenco Art Center has been open for two and a half years. El Ángel Every August 28, for Esther’s birthday, a new foreign student gives her a gift and the flamenco toast intensifies.

«The students do not want to miss the opportunity to study with me. When they start to study my technique they are hooked at the first second. Those who play sports and take care of themselves immediately identify with my stretching and feel safer for the rest of the class and those who don’t appreciate it and will surely start practicing it and taking care of themselves forever »
~ Esther Ponce

This year Esther thought that her Angel would be very busy due to the current pandemic situation and also that it would be a coincidence that another year happened.

But to Esther’s surprise it was like that and without doubt the most special flamenco toast for England.

«Discipline is my hallmark and not even the Covid has stopped us» «I have never doubted it and I will only teach classes with a mask»
~ Esther Ponce

After the experience of teaching classes with a mask? A private flamenco class for two hours without stopping, does Esther remember that when she and the student went out into the street they breathed for two seconds as if there were no tomorrow?According to Esther’s recent experience, with the mask you cannot see the total expression of the student, but the eyes also speak and flamenco is also expressed with the body.

With all the safety measures, the student disinfected her shoes, put hydroalcoholic gel on her hands, a temperature control was performed with a non-contact forehead thermometer and the student did not remove her mask during the two hours, only in the changing room that she only used to drink water. 

“Now I can present my Experimental Flamenco to the director of Tourism of Valencia and let him roll with the little ham :)”
~ Esther Ponce