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Three years full of surreal adventures, successfully at a frenetic rhythm in Los Angeles, California 

'Business dinner for three, with the Director of Canal plus José Manuel Lorenzo Torres and my cousin at the luxury restaurant 'Bice'¡ in Madrid'

In LA, Sofía was left negotiating the clauses of the contract with PIMP, just the fact that the name of the company meant pimp of prostitutes, it had to have been enough to distrust, but even so, we continued forward. There was a lot of money involved and we had a lot of progress, we were closer to the Second Festival and it seemed that everything was going well. Diego el Cigala and his manager had already received the contract and we only had to wait for the signature. 

While in Madrid I continued with my plans and with my schedule. I called Jordi Mollá and we met in a very tiny bar in the Chueca neighborhood, we were sitting at a high table with two stools, we were talking about Ferdy and we also remembered the night I was born again at that party. Being in front of Jordi was amazing, those eyes, my God! It's hard for me to get nervous but with that actor succeeded, and I think he realized it because he told me that he was going to go up to his house to get something and if I wanted to go up or wait for him at the bar. After the experience with the toupee, I was not very fond of the questions where I had to choose, but it seems that it was something normal, although I was obsessing over it. After five minutes he came down and showed me a Chinese woman smiling with a crooked face, but not exactly from Taiwan, it would be from Morocco ... when it fell to the ground and I remember that we were looking for it for a long time. It was an unforgettable experience spending that little time with him, super nice and super close, I would have gone up to his house with him, I would have had dinner with him and I would not have separated from him ... but I already had to leave because that night I had arranged to meet with the Director of the TV Plus channel José Manuel Lorenzo Torres. It was Ferdy who also put me in contact, in reality they were all part of the same circle of friends from the film industry and maybe he was interested in the Flamenco Dreams DVD. 

When I confirmed the appointment with Lorenzo Torres, and following Ferdy's advice, I immediately called my first cousin to come from Valencia to have dinner with us. Ferdy told me that the best way to put Lorenzo Torres in my pocket was first of all to go to dinner in a chic and reserved place where he could talk quietly and much better if I bring a beautiful friend. The truth is that I didn't trust the Spanish women, I had suffered from envy since I was very young and I knew perfectly well that it could happen again and screw everything up. But between families that is more difficult to happen. My cousin Coral, not only was pretty, she was a dark, white-skinned beauty with freckles, long hair, with heart-stopping green eyes, an advertisement body, and very intelligent. Besides being a doctor, that also gave me some peace of mind. Coral had been with me helping me in the rehearsals for Flamenco Dreams with the artists and she was up to date on everything. She got into her super Audi A4 and in 3 hours she showed up in Madrid, just as long as it took me to get home and fix myself. 

We met at the Bice restaurant on Almagro street, an upscale Italian, with soft, romantic lighting and impeccable service. They sat us at a table away from everyone, in my opinion a little small for how big the plates were, but it seems that the only one that mattered was me, because my cousin and Torres were delighted to be so close to each other and I was happy to see that everything was going to go well. 

I started talking as always about the fantastic story of how Flamenco Dreams was born from the day I had the dream with Gilda. What made me feel super proud to tell it, is that everyone was immediately fascinated and interested, and much more such important characters in the film industry. I already imagined the film and that with the President of Atlético de Madrid it could not be. Lorenzo Torres apparently was a client of Bice and he advised us which pasta dish to order while my cousin was only looking at the desserts and that way we did not advance ... —You are very brave Esther Ponce, the Director of Canal Plus told me, - what have you done achieved in such a short time and in such a difficult country, it is worth admiring, and even more so, having the temperament and patience to direct so many flamenco artists and who are not at all easy to deal with! From the way he spoke, I realized that more than one flamenco party he had held and that he knew the world of the night well. The next step to follow after dinner, which Ferdy advised me, was to take Lorenzo Torres to have a few drinks to a place where there were many beautiful women and that when he was very comfortable, then I would tell him that the next day I would stop by his office to leave him the DVD ... what an obsession with beautiful women! I was already beginning to annoy that only that mattered and not the product I had in my hands. That women to achieve something had to have the male happy and with the ego through the roof, super happy surrounded by our beauty and exposing ourselves to others like dolls, regardless of intelligence, effort, sacrifice and the daily struggle to be recognized and accepted in a society where men still rule. But it was not necessary to continue with the plan because already at dessert Lorenzo asked us if we wanted to go have a few drinks but that he would choose the place since they knew him in many places and they would not let him be calm. My cousin and I looked at each other and thought the same thing… he would be married and he didn't want to be seen partying with two warrior women.  

The doorman already had the Audi in front of the restaurant ready with the keys in hand and the three of us got on. Lorenzo Torres got in front to direct Coral who did not know Madrid well and thus take us to a rather shabby bar that did not match anything with our clothes, we were super neat and as soon as we entered we knew that we would have to drink standing up and we did not like the idea , because the objective was to make the Director happy by following Ferdy's plan and we did not know how long that would take to happen.

 Until something totally unexpected happened that I will never forget. Lorenzo was left asking at the bar that was super dirty, with some horrible blue lights where all the imperfections of the makeup could be seen and Coral and I took the opportunity to go to the bathroom. which was mission impossible to be able to support the bag anywhere without filling with water, much less using the toilet, so it took a long time to get out. 

My cousin, that same morning she had been to the dentist to extract her wisdom tooth and she did not comply with the protocol to follow, especially not drinking alcohol, it was impossible to resist the exquisite Chianti wine that they served us at dinner, so that his jaw started to hurt a little, thank goodness that the Gin tonic anesthetized her a little to hold on. Lorenzo was the only one who was sitting on a kind of bench full of people around him, when he suddenly took my arm and delicately brought me closer to him, saying in my ear; - Why don't you invite me and so we enjoy the three of us? I was amazed not knowing what to answer while I thought about what he was referring to. Invite him to my house? Buy him a drink if he already had one in hand? then? ... - Yes Esther Ponce, don't make that face, you've been in the bathroom for a long time and I want to too. At that moment I realized that what he wanted was Cocaine but we were not carrying substances of any kind and I told him that he was wrong and that taking a long time in the bathroom did not mean what he was thinking. He told me that my cousin moved her jaw a lot and that he was not stupid. Of course he was not stupid, in my opinion he was hooked because the bar looked like a place for the drug dealer and that way of reacting and asking was not very normal. I told him that my cousin had been to the dentist and that her jaw hurt and that’ s why she was uncomfortable. But he did not believe me and immediately his face changed, the short, nice man with the face of a good person transformed into a rude, demanding and nervous man. When I told my cousin, she started laughing and told me to forget about that guy, not to let what happened affect me, that I was worth a lot and that it was time to go home and leave him lying there. It is what he deserved and it is what we did ...

It was clear that all of Ferdy's powerful friends were cut from the same pattern. I would no longer waste time or energy with meetings and would continue fighting as usual without having to put up with anyone's impertinences. 


'Paco de Lucia almost missed the Malaga-Madrid flight because of me ... after the concert we went to a tablao and I didn't want to let go of his hand so that he could transmit his art to me'

The Prada shoes that I wore to dinner at 'Bice'. From the first floor the Director of Canal Plus looked like a gnome :).
At first I was afraid, I was petrified
Kept thinking I could never live without you by my side
But then I spent so many nights thinking how you did me wrong
And I grew strong…
Esther Ponce's experimental Flamenco is ready for the Valencian Director of Tourism to meet

It is very gratifying to have an idea like the experimental Flamenco in Valencia, carry it out and have managed to attract more than 20 foreign clients to Valencia in a short time and without marketing, who have passed through the Flamenco Art Center, and who have not only They learned a lot if not they have returned to their country with a better concept of Valencia.

His experience and approach to flamenco led by Esther Ponce will make you return without hesitation to the city of Turia.

Esther Ponce not only surrounds them with her passion and charisma from the first moment, her professionalism and a very long journey through different countries of the world where she has lived for long periods, she makes them fall in love.

You just have to read the dedications of all the foreigners who write in their precious notebook created for them and that are already adding more and more.

«They also buy semi-professional shoes and a skirt to study with me.» That’s already the best! –
~ Esther Ponce

 The foreigner is used to teaching flamenco very quickly and without discipline, anything goes, any shoe, any skirt, hanging out even parodying and even ridiculing flamenco.

With me if they want to study two private hours which is the minimum, they are given the option of buying or renting the shoes and none of them have thought twice about it to this day.
«Being a polyglot, doors just open up to me» –
~ Esther Ponce
Definitely the Experimental Flamenco of Esther Ponce has an Angel!

From England, without a doubt the most special Experimental Flamenco we have had at the Flamenco Art Center in these two and a half years.

The Esther Ponce Stylized Flamenco Art Center has been open for two and a half years. El Ángel Every August 28, for Esther’s birthday, a new foreign student gives her a gift and the flamenco toast intensifies.

«The students do not want to miss the opportunity to study with me. When they start to study my technique they are hooked at the first second. Those who play sports and take care of themselves immediately identify with my stretching and feel safer for the rest of the class and those who don’t appreciate it and will surely start practicing it and taking care of themselves forever »
~ Esther Ponce

This year Esther thought that her Angel would be very busy due to the current pandemic situation and also that it would be a coincidence that another year happened.

But to Esther’s surprise it was like that and without doubt the most special flamenco toast for England.

«Discipline is my hallmark and not even the Covid has stopped us» «I have never doubted it and I will only teach classes with a mask»
~ Esther Ponce

After the experience of teaching classes with a mask? A private flamenco class for two hours without stopping, does Esther remember that when she and the student went out into the street they breathed for two seconds as if there were no tomorrow?According to Esther’s recent experience, with the mask you cannot see the total expression of the student, but the eyes also speak and flamenco is also expressed with the body.

With all the safety measures, the student disinfected her shoes, put hydroalcoholic gel on her hands, a temperature control was performed with a non-contact forehead thermometer and the student did not remove her mask during the two hours, only in the changing room that she only used to drink water. 

“Now I can present my Experimental Flamenco to the director of Tourism of Valencia and let him roll with the little ham :)”
~ Esther Ponce