INTERVIEW We are getting better! Liana In just 5 private lessons was able to understand perfectly the compás in Solea por Bulerías with clapping and feet’s accents marking “contratiempo” which normally it takes 10 months in a general class.Definitely Liana has a espectacular musical hear for flamenco.She has learned «el marcaje» coordinating on perfect beat […]


INTERVIEW Dear students, Maya is a flamenco student from Moscow. She brought me this amazing present ANNA PAULOVA’S biography. We had a very special Experimental Flamenco at “ Mi Torito” following with a nice walk in a typical Valencia’s boat at the Albufera, where the rice we use for this paella is grown. Thank you […]


INTERVIEW Nadja is a student from Brazil and in just one month her progress has been amazing   Dear students, in just 8 private lessons Nadja i was able to well coordinate feet, arms, skirt, head, balance and the compás in Solea por Bulerías. She understood perfectly the correct position of her body to obtain […]


INTERVIEW We are getting better! Belen perfectly followed the stretching at the ballet bar and was fascinated to discover how the positions of the ballet made her feel and stretch every muscle in her body. He understood and verified how having an exact position of the bone line his quality of life will improve! She […]

Group Of Students from geneva

INTERVIEW From Switzerland they have visited Esther Ponce’s Estilized Flamenco Art Center a fantastic group of students from Geneve. 7 students with 7 different nationalities. In just one hour and a half of class, they have been able to assess and verify the discipline that Esther Ponce instills in her students even in a first […]

Sandra from Tenerife

INTERVIEW The student on this occasion is called Sandra and comes from Tenerife and Esther Ponce has completely changed the concept of flamenco to this Valencian from Catarroja. – With students like Sandra it’s nice to teach them. Receptive and without losing detail, with a spirit of improvement and receiving with gratitude the totally new […]

Maria Fernanda FROM NY CITY

INTERVIEW​ When you get to study with the master Esther Ponce you won’t be the same anymore! In this ocasión is a student from N.Y. City. María Fernanda studied already flamenco for three years with local teachers and she never misses any flamenco workshops from Spanish teachers who travel to NY. She definitely had in […]

From london with louise

INTERVIEW​ She has learned how to move hands for an elegant “ braceo”, the importance of separating well the heels for a musical sound placing feet in the correct position to achieve a precise “zapateado”. Louise has followed the two hours of class perfectly and even with a mask she has enjoyed every detail of […]


SANDRA FROM LOS ANGELES INTERVIEW Sandra is a very special experimental flamenco student. She is a friend who visits us from Los Angeles to enjoy a wonderful experience in Spain of flamenco dancing, tasting typical Spanish food and the company of the choreographer and friend Esther Ponce. Traditional toast in the «Mi Torito» room Photographs […]

From Los Angeles with Mary Paz

INTERVIEW​ Mary paz has remembered and secured the compass in “Solea por Bulerías “ with the accents in setback, she has learned the importance of well separate one compass from another; insisting on where the compass begins and ends. It is not the same to start the compás on 1 instead on 12 from the […]